Circulation Fan CF42

Perfect for indoor farming and green houses! Available in various sizes & mounting options, they’re designed to meet your unique needs.


  • 115/230 VAC optional dual voltage, suitable for different project needs.

  • Optional flow rate of 1470 to 14850CFM,for small size and high energy efficiency.

  • Directional forced air flow assures plant and flower movement for even light distributon.

  • Cantilevered brackets for easy install,simple maintenance and fast relocation.

  • Double ball bearing for silent operation and long life.

  • Snap-in grille for easy maintenance.

Structural Parameters

Product Shipping Dimensions45 x 46 x 18 in.
Guard Spacing(inches)1/2 – 1 UL507
Max RPM825 RPM

Aif Flow Parameters

CFM(free air)14850 CFM
CFM Range(free air)10001 – 15000 CFM

Attachment Parameters

Product Net Weight75 lbs
Cord LengthNot Included

Electrical Parameters

Nameplate Amps7/3.5 A
CFM/watt(free air)27