Grow Lights

Unlock the full potential of indoor commercial planting with our cutting-edge grow light technology!

Built For Indoor Commercial Planting

Full Spectrum

With full spectrum, they are suitable for any growth stages from seeding to blooming.

Energy Saving

Compared to traditional HID lamps, they have more than 50% PPFD higher and more than 40% energy saving.

Water Resistance

Good water resistance enables the product to be used in wet environment, no more water damage worried.

Easy Carry

Ultra Slim Design, Foldable Design contributes transportation saving.

Boost Yields

High light intensity drives production, enhances uniformity, and amplifies overall light intensity.

High Quality

Having a variety of strict certifications and withstanding stringent reliability tests.

Growlight System

Our growlight system is designed to maximize plant yield with optimized spectrum and aluminum heatsink.

Choose the Right Grow light

The right grow light setup can take your indoor grow operation to the next level. Say goodbye to plant losses from the lack of light, and say hello to peak productivity with our grow light devices.

GA020S281HUNVXX, 200W, Folding

GA040S281HUNVXX, 400W, Folding

GA066S281HUNVXX, 660W, Folding

GH080S281HUNVXX, 800W

GA080S281HUNVXX, 800W, Folding

GA100S281HUNVXX, 1000W, Folding

About us

Our Lumatronics ™ line of industrial grow light fixtures allow for practical and efficient indoor cultivation of plants on a commercial scale. By using state of the art ballasts and LED’s, we are able to produce a wide spectrum of light colors and varying light levels. The result is a highly controlled artificial light substitution that stimulates plant photosynthesis for better growth and yield of indoor plant crops.

Our catalog offering ranges from 1500 watts down to 200 watts, covering wide scale of power options. Paired with a master controller unit that allows automatic time and humidity control of 1 up to 100 daisy chained fixtures, Intellicon grow light systems can cover a wide area of light control for crop cultivation.