These powerful fans circulate large amounts of air to maximize moisture removal!


  • Compact yet powerful, the LElZIG dehumidifier offers a versatile dehumidification range from 70-880pints/day.
  • Boasting a high-efficiency filtration system, it ensures your plants are safeguarded from detrimental microbes.
  • Experience industry-leading minimal noise operation.
  • When paired with AHU, it excels in managing humidity in environments with low temperatures and elevated humidity levels.
  • Choose from a variety of installation options including hoisting, ceiling, wall, and floor cabinets – there’s a fit for every preference.

Choose the right model

The right dehumidification setup can take your indoor grow operation to the next level. Say goodbye to crop losses from molds and other pests, and say hello to peak productivity with the dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier LG 70

Dehumidifier LG 114

Dehumidifier LG 150

Dehumidifier LG 195

Dehumidifier LG 228

Dehumidifier LG 335

Dehumidifier LG 440

Dehumidifier LG 508

Dehumidifier LG 880