Circulation Fans

Perfect for indoor farming and green houses! Available in various sizes & mounting options, they’re designed to meet your unique needs.


  • 115/230 VAC optional dual voltage, suitable for different project needs.

  • Optional flow rate of 1470 to 14850CFM,for small size and high energy efficiency.

  • Directional forced air flow assures plant and flower movement for even light distributon.

  • Cantilevered brackets for easy install,simple maintenance and fast relocation.

  • Double ball bearing for silent operation and long life.

  • Snap-in grille for easy maintenance.

Choose the right model

The right circulation fan setup can take your indoor grow operation to the next level. Say goodbye to crop losses from molds and other pests, and say hello to peak productivity with the circulation fans.

Circulation Fan CF12

Circulation Fan CF20

Circulation Fan CF36

Circulation Fan CF42