Climate Control


Unlock the full potential of indoor commercial planting with our ventilation, cooling, dehumidifica climate control units technology!


  • Small size and high energy, optional dehumidification capacity of 70-880P/D.

  • High-efficiency filtration system, protecting plants from harmful germs.

  • Low or no noise.

  • Combined with AHU, it is especially suitable for humidity management in low-temperature and high-humidity occasions.

  • With hoisting, ceiling, wall and floor cabinet installations, there is always one suitable for you.

  • Continuously improving dehumidification efficiency, shaping Green House’s new low-carbon products

Circulation Fans

  • 115/230 VAC optional dual voltagesuitable for different project needs

  • Optional flow rate of 1470 to 14850CFM,for small size and high energy efficiency

  • Directional forced air flow assures plant and flower movement for even light distributon

  • Cantilevered brackets for easy install,simple maintenance and fast relocation

  • Double ball bearing for silent operation and long life

  • Snap-in grille for easy maintenance

Inline Duct Fans

  • Leizig CAD designed air flow system allows for the elimination of the dead zones.

  • High efficiency motor is guaranteed to run longer, quieter and cleaner.

  • Turbine head is made of high quality, PP material for wide temperature tolerance.

  • Sleek but practical design facilitates easy and attractive installation.

  • Variable fan speed via manual control or optional intelligent control.

  • 5 year warranty included.