Leak Detection


Leak Detection Locating plumbing leaks is hard enough in industrial and residential settings, and doing it efficiently and in a noninvasive way is what sets one apart from the rest.  This is what American Leak Detection does and they are very good at it.  They’ve developed many tools using electronics to detect these leaks [...]

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iOS Applications Via Bluetooth or Wifi


iOS Applications Via Bluetooth or Wifi  Recently we had the pleasure of taking our customers product to the next level of connectivity by enabling their machine to be controlled via a mobile app using Bluetooth or WiFi.  This one in particular was a iOS app.  The whole development process was quick and relatively simple [...]

iOS Applications Via Bluetooth or Wifi2019-11-26T06:40:22-08:00

Germ Falcon, UVC Airplane Cabin Sanitizer


Germ Falcon, UVC Airplane Cabin Sanitizer We were approached by Doctor Arthur Kreitenberg an inventor and orthopedic surgeon to help prototype his patented concept of a UVC airplane cabin sanitizer called the Germ Falcon. The concept is designed to be deployed during a window of time during routine airplane maintenance. Once set [...]

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Old Navy Turntable Display


Old Navy Turntable Display Active in the early 2000’s following an emergence of many Old Navy retail stores being started. Intellicon partnered with Hamilton Fixture to design a motion controlled turntable display that displayed merchandise during retail hours. With customer safety in mind, Intellicon integrated clever torque control electronics and an efficient yet [...]

Old Navy Turntable Display2019-11-26T06:11:35-08:00
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